By paying Rs .  500/ entry fees and submitting official contestant form contestant Agree to bound by the following.

  1. understand that Rs. 500/- entry fees has been charged to pay for the processing for my entry package only and not as a purchase of any placement within the show.
  2. It will not be refunded in any circumstances.
  3. After paying Rs. 500/- fees please collect your audition pass otherwise you will not be able to give the audition without audition pass.
  4. One participant should take in only one type of dance “solo, duet or group”.
  5. Time duration for giving audition will 1 minute for solo and duet and 2 minute for group it will be stopped by the judges if not liked.
  6. All entries with the use of props must be declared to star of Gujarat dance challenge prior to the schedule being finalized.
  7. All judges result will be final and not negotiable
  8. Photography and videography are strictly prohibited
  9. Only one person will be allowed with one participant in audition.
  10. Don’t  use double mining word and style in the song.
  11. Parking is at your own risk.
  12. All rights reserved by organization